The Tank

tThe trink tank tank The "tank" is Australia's smallest gallery, located outside Australia's smallest bar (Bar Americano).

Trink tank tank (sorry it's a mouthful) is committed to showcasing the most creative identities in Melbourne from a wide range of disciplines. We aim to bring a unbiased, unpretentious and fresh platform to the art world. Exceptional talent is the only prerequisite. So

 please join us for aperitifs, espresso and art.



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Aliça Bryson-Haynes + Ria Green










The Golden Opportunity Shop 

In this intimate setting a small selection of golden objects are nestled between cut glass decanters and vintage sailing ships, lit by candlelight. Aliça Bryson-Haynes and Ria Green have worked collaboratively since 2012. Both have undertaken International and local residencies and were recipients of Australia Council for the Arts Artstart grants.


Ella Sowinska

Off Camera (2015)

HD video

Off Camera is the manipulated found footage of a single season of the Americanromantic reality television show The Bachelor. All narrative has been removedfrom the original footage leaving behind only slow panning shots of the exteriorof the mansion that houses the contestants of the show. The eerie, dramatic andrepetitive sequence of scenes left behind offer only an unsatisfying and symbolicdocumentation of intimacy. An accompanying sound track will be played during t he exhibition opening.


Artist Biography

Ella Sowinska graduated with an Honours Degree in Fine Art from MADA at

Monash University in 2013. Ella has exhibited throughout Australia and in New

York in solo and group exhibitions. Recent solo exhibitions include The One on

One (GoPro) at Kings ARI and Real Estate (Underwear Hunt) at Platform

Contemporary Art Spaces. Ella was included in the 2013 Mildura Palimpsest



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Kara Balwin


Matthew Bax

Alone (2014)

6’ 45”

Single Channel HD video

Artist Statement 

The viewpoint of this piece was inspired by the kitsch television aquarium or vintage Microsoft screensaver. Good restaurants aim to satisfy all our needs: comfortable seating, lush surroundings and friendly accommodating service. It is here that we lay our scene. This is not as you may think a protest against animal cruelty, it’s a thought about our comfort levels with death. I like to think of this piece as a bubbling vanitas. We surround ourselves with life, people, distractions and “things” but as the cliché’s go we depart the world alone. No matter how crowded this aquatic death row may seem, our subjects must face their mortality alone.


Artist Biography

Matthew Bax is of course the owner and creative director of Bar Americano.  He is internationally recognised as one of the leading minds in the cocktail industry. His first love however is art. He has exhibited both nationally with Anna Pappas Gallery, in Germany with Ute Marquardt and in Asian with Fost Gallery. In 2011 he completed his Masters at Lasalle, Singapore. Predominantly known for his painting, Alone is his first video work.


Ka-Yin Kwok

Rain (2008)

1’ 29”

Single Channel SD video

9th October - 4th December 2014

Artist Statement 

Weather - Sunday 22 April 2007

Melbourne, Australia

Maximum 20.6 °C 1

Minimum 13.9 °C 2

Rain 9.6 mm 3

1 Bureau of Meteorology 2014, Weather Station Directory, Daily Maximum Temperature Climate Data, data file, Australian Government, Bureau of Meteorology, viewed 28 September 2014, <>

2 Bureau of Meteorology 2014, Weather Station Directory, Daily Minimum Temperature Climate Data, data file, Australian Government, Bureau of Meteorology, viewed 28 September 2014, <>

3 Bureau of Meteorology 2014, Weather Station Directory, Daily Rainfall Climate Data, data file, Australian Government, Bureau of Meteorology, viewed 28 September 2014, <>


Artist Biography

Born Hong Kong 1979. Ka-Yin Kwok studied documentary filmmaking at the Victoria College of the Arts after completing an Honours Degree in Fine Art at Monash University. Her video work has featured in galleries and festivals throughout Australia and internationally, including the Australian Centre for Photography (Sydney), Queensland Centre for Photography (Brisbane), Careof Centre for Contemporary Art (Milan) and Loop (Barcelona).



Nicholas Smith 

In July I learnt of the rediscovery of the Night Parrot (Pezoporus Occidentalis), a native species of nocturnal bird. Governmental reports revealed that a live Night Parrot had not been sighted for over seventy years. I decided to try and find the night parrot. I drove from Melbourne to the closest point of its historical range, which existed around the dry lake bed of Lake Mungo. On my way I met a lifeguard named Barbara at a country swimming pool. She approached me as I emerged up the pool steps. I told Barbara of my intentions for visiting the region. Barbara confused me. She seemed to be enthusiastic about my expedition, but unfazed by my bare skin, long wet hair and technicoloured Speedos. She told me that she had been a nature photographer and that she had spent many years working in remote regions of the Australian interior. She gave me tips and tricks of the trade. Upon parting we exchanged phone numbers and email addresses. I waited in the Spinifex grass for a whole night, but I never found it. Barbara and I still keep in touch via email from time to time.

Lauren Borrow 

Lauren Burrow graduated with an Honours Degree of Fine Art from MADA at Monash University in 2013. She was the recipient of the 2013 Honours Huski Award. Exhibitions in early 2014 include Dry Touch at Platform Contemporary Art and Disconnect at Seventh Gallery.

Lauren is currently living and working in Melbourne.


In this entity a person believes that friends and family are or have been replaced by impostors. In addition, at times the person cannot even recognise themselves. I once was interviewing a woman in her room at the hospital; she got up from her bed and looked in the mirror - she became quite agitated and stated she was looking at a stranger. She was frightened that this other person was in the room with us and could not be convinced it was herself. She was unable to recognise her voice as her own and likewise her husband was a stranger.
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Jane Dyer




Artist Statement 

A vintage camera made in bronze…

We point and shoot with our virtual eye, grabbing visual sound bites.

Snap, snap,snap...



Ewen Coates

"Fountain Of Youth"

Artist Statement 

‘This work began as an experiment when the artist melted wax into a pair of miniature jeans removed from a small doll. To Coates, the wax that oozed seemed like something dispelled from the body while the tight jeans acted like a sheath or second skin to house an idealised figure. This work was developed into a life-size piece as a metaphor for the Western world’s yearning for an ideal: a flawless society free of fallibility and the kind of improprieties that can shame us.’ (Robert Hollingworth, 2011)


Simon MacEwan


Artist Statement 

Reflecting on its site in Bar Americano; an Australian interpretation of a European version of an American bar, NEW YORK/NEW YORK takes as its subject, not the city itself, but its projection. The work looks at the myth of America as the land of opportunity, and the idea of New York as the epitome of a kind of America; the modern metropolis. NEW YORK/NEW YORK is a landscape of desire; a radiant dream city that stretches away endlessly, but the city is only ever a reflection of itself, the space it inhabits is a mirage; a virtual infinity within the real confines of the tiny gallery space. It is a world we may never enter, nor can we catch sight of the actual object, only reflections upon reflections, intangible and unattainable.

For further information on this artist please contact:

Anna Pappas Gallery Phone: +613 859 89915 Email:


Dan Hunter (Melbourne)



Installation Statement

Trink Tank was privileged to team up with acclaimed Executive Chef of The Royal Mail Hotel, Dan Hunter. Dan’s installation named HUNTER//COLLECTOR , comprises of the sketches/recipes/idea’s from his past 6 years of his culinary endeavors here in Australia and aboard. The piece exhibits the constant creative struggle in which a chef endures to . Taking note from his philosophy of creating a unique style of food that blends his understanding of modern technique with an immense respect for nature, produce and seasonality.

Marc Standing  (HONG KONG)

"The Duchess Of Avon"

Artist Statement 

Touching on themes of colonialism, identity and displacement, ‘The Duchess of Avon’ was originally a 1970s Avon perfume bottle, which ironically contained Sweet Honesty perfume. Her tribal painted face is a stark contrast to her Eurocentric bridal ensemble. Coloured thread emanates from her bouquet, enfolding her in an almost suffocating embrace. However, her stoic stance is one of pride and reverence.

For further information on this artist please contact:

Anna Pappas Gallery Phone: +613 859 89915 Email:

Stephen Gallagher "Pseudomorphic"

Artist statement

‘I am a jeweller with a focus on Elizabethan surface decoration. I adapt the textile motifs and embellishments of the era — from existing portraits and objects — to demonstrate how the past continues to be relevant to contemporary craft and design. By employing modern materials, I translate my findings into decorative artefacts which are a fusion of the contemporary with the historical. I am drawn to the condition of surviving items, the Renaissance ‘bling’ that is held in major collections throughout the world. It is the damaged, the unfinished, the unmounted, the detached or missing that intrigues me more. What is left is the sense of the original, giving an illusion to a space that needs to be filled by one’s imagination.’