Matt Bio


Founder/Creative Director

Rather than the normal PR bullshite, we thought we would actually really tell you who we are, so here it goes.. Born in Adelaide, he grew up in tiny town of Naracoorte near the Coonawarra wine region of SA. Snuck into St Peter's College (by way of his Dad’s teaching position), studied Commerce at Flinders Uni and worked part time for Christie's and the Greenaway Art Gallery. As long as he could remember he wanted to be a painter (a famous one of course). He timed his University graduation nicely to coincide with an economic recession and like all students took the highest paid/any job he could find. Art dreams were put on hold. He donned a grey suit and became an Accountant. He somehow ended up working for the worlds most prestigious accounting firm Arthur Anderson (yes the one that's now consults for Enron in hell). After travelling extensively in Europe, he jumped ship and headed to Munich. Whilst working for KPMG, he finally had amassed enough work, courage (stupidity?) to try and find a gallery to represent him. Luckily there was one silly enough to take him on, and after a sell out opening show his art career had officially begun. As the demands of juggled two careers grew he dreamed /plotted a new more art friendly day job. Munich boasts a great classic cocktail scene due to the fame of Schumann’s American bar. Anyway somewhere in this drunken haze of discovering the classic the idea of opening a bar was conceived, not terribly originally (how many drunks have had the same idea?). Anyway to wrap up what is becoming a long winded boring tale, he threw all his money, ran up a healthy debt, slept in the bar for over two years to keep it afloat. Through blind ignorance/arrogance he steered Der Raum on an unfamiliar pure cocktail bar course. Despite all the advice and poor patrons support it somehow stayed open and started to build a little following. In 2008 Matt also conceived Singapore's Tippling Club. Probably a world first with its cocktail/dining degustation format. He quit this year to open Bar Americano, a tiny classic bar in Melbourne’s CBD. In 2013 after 6 years of research he opened Gamsei in Munich. A world first, single origin approach to cocktail making, utilising only local products.Through the success and reputation of Der Raum, Matt has travelled the world presenting his dribble and becoming the first Aussie to present at Tales of the Cocktail in the US and the first bartender to be invited the world’s most prestigious food symposium, Madrid Fusion. Matt has endured the wrath of art dealers that hate his exposure in the drink world. He has always continued to paint, through two careers and three countries, tiny studios and now grand affairs like he now enjoys in Munich. Art is his first love but he sees Trink Tank as an odd fusion of his two passions, a place to play without wearing any nametags.